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opengl/webgl Chaotic Attractor of Slight (dot) Particles

open source - multiplatform - 3D strange attractors GPU scout...
and hypercomplex fractals

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about glChAoS.P

glChAoS.P attractors classes

with over 100 different types of attractors and hypercomplex fractals

Magnetic class

left, right and full

Polynomial of degree N

with N from 2 to 20

Polynomial class

Variations on polynomial expression: 6 attractors

Rampe class

11 types of attractors with similar characteristics

Pickover, SinCos and...

... others unclassifiable types

from Lorenz to...

Attractors from a system of ordinary differential equations

Diffusion Limited Aggregation DLA-3D

process whereby particles undergoing a random walk due to Brownian motion

PopCorn, Mira, Hopalong and...

Absolutly personal and inedited transposition of famous 2D attractors in 3D/4D

Hypercomplex 3D/4D fractals

explored with stochastic IIM (Inverse Iterative Method)