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Michele Morrone

software engineer, planning and development, senior specialist, expert programmer, project manager

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michele morrone

software engineer

My Introduction

Hello, I'm Michele Morrone, computer scientist, freelance developer with over 25 years of passionate experience in software engineering, design and development.

I also have high competence and gained know-how in security management and network solutions, acquired with study and working with numerous partners and clients.

I'm currently a freelancer, available to consider new opportunities and/or fascinating projects.

Signals / 2D / 3D

Always passionate, I have over 20 years of experience on Digital Signals Processing: from one dimensional signals, to numeric elaboration of images / 2D data, both as in space as in frequency, until 3D data manipulation and rendering, and 4D 3D with time evolution / morphing.
Experiences gained in the scientific, geological, seismic, medical, odontologist, industrial and more fields.
Experience mostly gained with the long period of collaboration with the National Council of Research and Universities.

planning & development

Extensive and matured experience in planning and development, both as project leading, as synergic collaboration in team, and also as software development specialist individually.

Networking & security

My Laboratory

MY Skills



Over 25 years of multi platform development


Over 10 years of 3D
API development



New API:
skill continues to grow



webAssembly KnowHow and C++ sources port



From Java Applets
to Android Apps


Experiences with Unity



  • GPU - Shader Compute / CUDA / OpenCL
  • GUI - ImGui / wxWidgets / MFC / Qt / X11 / FLTK
  • LowLevel - Assembler x86 / MMX / SSE4.* / AVX*
  • Maintenance - CMake / gMake / nMake / bash / (t)csh / cmd / bat

  • 2D - Photoshop / Gimp
  • 3D - Blender / 3DS Max
  • MORE

  • English

I am available for Freelancer

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Curriculum Vitae

  •   University and Research
  • Computer Science

    Bologna University

    untill 1994
  • I.G.M. of C.N.R.

    Institute of Marine Geology current ISMAR
    National Council of Research

    Scholarship, Research, Software Development Specialist in projects developer and collaborations:

    • 3D bathymetric maps reconstruction from multibeam echosounders data
    • Multi-channel seismic analysis
    • Synchronization / Filtering of navigation positioning and data acquisition
    • Sparse data reconstruction
    • Data acquisition equipment interface
    • and much more...

    1991 -> 1997
  • I.R.A. of C.N.R.

    Institute of Radio Astronomy
    National Council of Research

    • Viewing and processing FITS images
    • I.R.A. and Comune di Bologna: collaboration on the KidsLink project - "scuole in rete" (online schools)
    • Collaboration in the NOTTURNO book, by Silvano Primavera (Jackson Libri), with attached software to view and explore the star map

    1991/1992 - 1994/1995
  • Bologna University

    Faculty of Geology

    3D rendering of geographical areas with geology-based texturing algorithms and time-based morphing evolution

    1997 / 1998
  • Firenze University

    Ophthalmology Institute

    Diagnostics of the eyeball through digital image processing: convexity of the cornea, distance between cornea and iris, thickness of the cornea

  • Firenze University

    Faculty of Engineering - Energetic Department

    Real-time recognition of the texture regularity in the industrial production of precious fabric (weaving error on fabrics), with optical system interface designed by the same Faculty of Engineering

    CAT Project
    1998 / 1999
  • I.G.M. of C.N.R.

    Institute of Marine Geology current ISMAR
    National Council of Research

    Management, extention and handover of some my old projects

    1999 -> 2001
  •   Work Experiences
  • Freelance

    Planning & Development

    • Eurosonic S.r.L.

    1995 / 1997
  • net1 s.r.l.

    Technical Director

       as   Project Leader / Designer / Developer

    • Altair4 (RM) & Mondadori Informatica - 2D/3D tools for DVDRom titles
      • Viaggio virtuale nell'antico Egitto
      • Viaggio virtuale nell'antica Roma
      • Rome Antique / Antica Roma
      • Ancient Roma Tour
    • Castellini S.p.A.
      • XRay image acquisition, processing and diagnostics
      • VIDEOR: intraoral acquisition video system with realtime processing
      • Management and diagnostics of electronic dental instruments
    • ENEL S.p.A.
      • WinWaste: DB for management and recycling of waste power plants
      • Analysis and forecast of consumption in remote reading of meters
    • Eurosonic S.r.L.
    • Sportarredo Group
    • Laboratori Piana S.r.L.
    • Biochecking S.r.L.
    • Medical Medici S.r.L.
    • MASER S.r.L.
    • Fabbri S.r.L.
    • FlyngSystem S.r.L.
      • Network Security Manager
      • Intranet / Extranet
      • ADS (Autocad Development System): plugin to export/import rendering surfaces
    • Jean Klebert S.r.L.
    • Baldan Group
    • GIBA (Giocatori Italiani Basket Associati)
      • Network reorganization
    • Istituto Gramsci Emilia Romagna
      • Network Security Manager
      • Intranet / Extranet
      • Seminary on image storage systems and compression formats
    • and much more...

    1997 / 2013
  • Freelance

    Planning & Development
    Networking & Security

    • Azienda Chimica Emiliana S.r.L.
    • Studio Giorgioni

    2015 / current

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